Greg Shottenkirk Bio

Greg shottenkirk

Gregory J. Shottenkirk is a second-generation automotive industry entrepreneur. Greg grew up in Abingdon, Illinois where he began his hands-on education in the automotive industry while still a teen at Bob’s Chevrolet. Greg benefitted from learning all aspects of the business and being directly mentored by the owner and operator of the dealership, which happened to be his father, Robert Shottenkirk. It was this relationship that cemented Greg’s belief in the power of family in every aspect of his private and professional life. This foundational belief combined with his personal attributes have enabled Greg to create a management company and dealerships that truly operate in the spirit of family. This environment combined with Greg’s leadership and ability to attract and surround himself with top-talent has fueled the Shottenkirk Automotive Group’s growth from 1 store in southeast Iowa to a literal coast to coast dealership operation with 16 represented brands throughout 24 franchise locations in 6 states with over 2,000 employees.

Greg Shottenkirk Professional

Greg shottenkirk Personal

Greg consistently works on being the best husband, father, and leader that he can be and is always focused on mentoring his children, management team, and dealer operators for personal and professional development. However, one of Greg’s proudest achievements is building an automotive legacy for his family name. With his son RJ working in a key role in the management company, a third-generation automotive business legacy has been created for the Shottenkirk Automotive Group.